Level 4 (160 watts)

Tanses Standup & Sunbed


standup sidebyside

Perfect for the first time tanner, the Tanses sunbed and standup provide the tanner with a comfortable tanning experience free of fancy control systems. These spacious units prevent the tanner from feeling closterphobic while providing optimal tanning results. The maximum tan time in the Tanses is 12 minutes.

Level 5 (200 watts)

Ergoline Affinity


The Ergoline Affinity’s 43 Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners will impress any tanning enthusiast. The standard reflector neck tanner and shoulder tanner result in the perfect all-over tan. The comfort level in this sunbed is extraordinary for its class. The Body Shape acrylic, with its extra-wide surface, allows clients an amazing amount of movement so they can find just the right position. In addition, the Comfort Cooling ventilation is continuously adjustable and keeps tanners cool while a high-quality stereo sound system (including the Voice Guide function) keeps them entertained. The Affinity maximum tan time is 12 minutes.

Elite Standup


The most efficient and effective stand up tanner. The 200 watt, 2 meter long bulbs allow you to achieve a deep and even tan within 8 minutes max! The built in ventilation system helps keep the tanner cool and allows them to enjoy the sound system.

Level 6

Matrix L33 sunbed


The Matrix L33 is considered the best High Pressure tanning bed in the world! It has 33 high-pressure UVA lamps for a uniform and simultaneous all-round effect over the whole body, The Matrix L33-ER ensures all-round body tanning while cutting session times by 50%. The Matrix’s maximum tan time is 12 minutes.